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A Case For Day Training

A dog trainer is the only professional that I know of that trains YOU how to train your dog. That’s kinda funny since I don’t usually hire a contractor to show me how to build my home or hire a hair dresser to teach me how to color or cut my hair. So why is it that most dog trainers only teach their clients how to train their own dogs. I know when I took my first dog to classes I would have loved for someone else to do all the tedious repetition training with my dog and when he was all trained to just show me what I needed to do to keep it up.

Well, that is what DAY TRAINING is all about. You actually hire me to come to your home and spend an hour 3 times a week (for 3 weeks) with your dog doing all those tedious repetitions getting him to sit, stay, down, come and walk on a leash. Then at the end of the week I schedule a transfer session with the owner to show them what we have accomplished, all the commands and how maintain an obedient dog. Then just to make sure you and your dog are working well together, I schedule two follow-up session at 1 and 3 months.

Day training sets up owners, dogs, and trainers to win. Cases are seen through to full conclusion—owners reach their goals, trainers experience the satisfaction of a completed case, and dogs get the help they need. The results owners witness in the transition session at the end of the first week translate into high levels of compliance. Why? Learning maintenance skills is far easier than training from the ground up because the dog already knows his part and the clients are strongly motivated to protect the progress they’re so delighted to see.

So, if you can’t commit to the time, let me do it and both you & Fido will live much better lives together.

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