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“No” is not a behavior

How many times a day do you say NO to your dog? How many times does the dog respond? Most of the time the response to your yelling NO at your dog is the tone in which you say it that grabs their attention, not the word itself.

Dogs associate everything with one thing. Sit means put my butt on the ground, down means lie down, stay means don’t move, but NO means way too many things. NO, don’t chew on my shoes. NO, don’t eat my steak. NO, get off the counter. NO, get over here and on and on. No means too many things that it’s confusing so they ignore you.

So, let’s stop using NO and instead tell them what we WANT them to do instead. Instead of jumping on me...sit. Instead of biting my hand…chew on this toy. Instead on getting on the couch…go to place. Decide what you want them to do and teach them that.

Last but certainly not least, manage your home so you set the dog up for success. Use crates, baby gates, window blinds an X-pen. I mean, if the dog gets into trouble around the house it is usually because we forgot to do something (not taking it outside on time, not picking up our stuff, leaving food on the counter unattended, etc.).

So why punish the dog? Teach them what to do instead!!!

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