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Video Sessions

The Puppy Program can now be done by video. The fees are still the same (see pricing for Private Sessions).  4 sessions for $525

Technology saves the day when in-person lessons are not an option! If you live outside of my service area or are stuck inside due to the “shelter in place” order, Video Lessons are the solution to your dog training needs.

How It Works:

  • Video Lessons can take the place of in-person Assessments and Private sessions.

  • We will “meet” via Zoom video conferencing software or Facetime. This allows me to see you and your dog, give instructions, and even demonstrate exercises with my own dogs as needed.

    • Zoom is easy to use! Most modern laptops, tablets, and smart phones have all the capabilities you need.

    • If you feel more comfortable using Skype or FaceTime, we can do that instead.

  • Follow up and homework instructions are sent afterwards via email. These may include links to videos on YouTube to help you remember what an exercise should look like.

  • I do all of my scheduling so please call or email me if you need a session/program.


What You Will Need

  • A computer/laptop, tablet, or smartphone with a camera and speakers. Make sure you have it plugged in or fully charged. Ask your family to avoid streaming or doing their own video chats during the lesson, so your connection isn’t slowed down. (Of course, ideally your family would be participating in the lesson!) Here is a video created by one of my colleagues on how to join a Zoom meeting.

  • A place to set your equipment that will allow me to see yourself and your dog as you practice. It helps to put it higher up, like on a shelf or a stack of books. Make sure the area is quiet (no radio, tv, or other pets distracting you), and has good lighting.

  • Lots of small, tasty treats for your dog, and toys if he enjoys them.

  • Your dog’s leash, collar, harness, or other equipment.


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