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Pam Francis-Tuss training Cash

“I met Pam at the Front Street Animal Shelter where she serves as a teacher, trainer, mentor and behavior evaluator.  Pam is smart, experienced, and passionate about dogs.  Pam is also personally warm and engaging so she makes the process of dog training fun and easy to follow.”

Loretta Franzi, Sacramento, CA

Who is Pam?

A Certified Positive Force-Free Dog Trainer

Pam Francis-Tuss is a Certified Dog Trainer with extensive experience under her belt, and more importantly, an undying passion for our 4-legged best pals. She is one of the few dog trainers in Sacramento who practice positive dog training. Pam is also a Certified Fear Free Trainer with the Fear Free Program.

The Sacramento, CA-based professional is the entrepreneur behind Obedient Pups – one of the few dog trainers  in the area to offer Day Training services!

Pam believes in respecting owners and their beloved pets: this is why she supports the Pet Professional Guild Association for force-free professionals and values reward-based training strategies and positive reinforcement techniques that have a great impact on the psyche of your dog and lasting good behaviors. The best thing about reward-based dog training is that it can be adapted for any behavior and any breed. But understand that the reward doesn’t have to always be food. It can be praise, a toy or just going outside to play. With a good understanding of how your dog is motivated you can do almost anything from basic training to agility training.

Pam spent 32 years working in the medical field and when she finally retired she started doing what made her the happiest…working with dogs. Pam has always had a dog in her life and can’t imagine life without one (or two). Pam has been married for 35 years and has one awesome grown son. She currently has two dogs, Maddy (a 12 year old mini pit mix) and my new puppy Lola (a bernedoodle puppy). Both are Pam’s best friends and her true loves.


Find out more and feel free to get in touch her for further info!

Why I’m a Good Fit for You & Your Dog:

  • I’m currently one of the few dog trainers in this area to offer Day Training.

  • I am one of the few positive force-free dog trainers in Sacramento.

  • I am the only Sacramento Fear Free Trainer.

  • I believe in reward-based training using positive reinforcement only.

  • I’m easy to get along with and have lots of patience. I enjoy working with families and children.
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