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Puppy Training Love

As a top Dog Trainer in Sacramento, I make sure to give my clients and their pets the utmost attention and dedication they deserve. I’m proud to showcase the following testimonials from some of my valued clients. Read their critiques of my classes to check out what’s being said about me, and see why your pet should be training with me, too. Contact me now to get started.

Ollie the double doodle

Kayla from Sacramento, CA came to me with a Double Doodle (Labradoodle/Golden Doodle) puppy needing basic obedience puppy training. She enrolled in my 4 week Program and together we were able teach Ollie her basic commands like sit, stay, come, go to mat and sit at doors.  Here is what Kayla had to say:

"I was very pleased to get the chance to work with Pam! She is extremely enthusiastic and cares so much about the dogs she trains and about their owner's success. She is so passionate about her job and it shows! Pam is patient and answered my questions (every single email ;-p). I would use her again in a heart beat and my Double Doodle puppy misses her dearly!"

Kayla H., Sacramento, CA

Cash a Pit Bull puppy

Matt, from Sacramento, needed dog training for his Pit Bull pup Cash. We worked on basic obedience and impulse control for his jumping. With lots of work Cash has turned into a very well mannered pup.  Here is what Matt had to say:

"Pam has worked with my pit bull/lab mix “Cash” over the last few years teaching him obedience and self-control. Before “Cash” was a very excited dog that would run and jump on family and friends upon entrance to the house. After only a few lessons, Cash was no longer jumping on house guest. With the use of different hand signals Pam was able to teach Cash to self-control and obedience quicker than I had imagined. Some of the commands Cash now has the ability to do is sit, stay, and go to bed. Very simple tricks but were vital for the development of his newly developed good behavior. With the help of Pam Tuss my dog is now someone I want to bring friends and family home to. ”

Matt Tellez, Ashville, NC

Zach & Cooper.jpg

Nothing is harder than working with family and after convincing my son to chuck the prong collar we were able to get Cooper to walk nicely on a leash without pulling and lunging.  Here is what he had to say:

“Pam has done a great job with my dog Cooper. Even though she is my mother, I still hold her to a high standard as my Dog Trainer. She was able to help Cooper with simple commands like sit,stay (when I open the front door),come (when I call his name), and go to his bed. These were all simple commands that I was not able to teach him because I was not sure where to even start. She was also able to teach me so I knew how to continue training him when she was no longer there. She also showed me & convinced me that by using certain harnesses and leashes I no longer needed to use a prong or choke collar on him. Now that he has the training he needed it is easy for me to maintain it.”

Zach Tuss, Sacramento, CA

Trixie a Chihuahua

John from Sacramento called me in desperation because his rescue chihuahua Trixie was out of control. He hired me to do Day Training and after 3 weeks of dog training Trixie was being one very obedient little pup.  Here is what John had to say:

” Pam’s Obedient Pups Professional Dog Training Service is the way to go for obedience training your pup or dog. Pam turned our little Trixie from a professional mischief maker into a much calmer happier puppy. Trixie now knows a variety of commands including my favorite: “go to bed!” which gives the master occasional time off from caring for our rescue puppy. We are amazed at how much Trixie has learned. Pam is a delight to work with and she also “trains” humans into interacting successfully with their best friend. I would highly recommend Pam Tuss to anyone looking for professional dog training for their canine loved ones.”

John R., Sacramento, CA

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