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Puppy Love

“Pam is an excellent trainer of dogs as well as trainer of people of own dogs. She is patient, understanding, and has real life experience with hard to work with dogs. She trained me at our local city shelter on how to work with “shelter” dogs and I will be forever grateful for her knowledge and teaching great teaching style. Pam’s down to earth approach was logical to me and will stick me as I work with the dogs benefit from her teachings.”

Linda Oliver, Sacramento, CA

“I met Pam at the Front Street Animal Shelter where she serves as a teacher, trainer, mentor and behavior evaluator.  Pam is smart, experienced, and passionate about dogs.  Pam is also personally warm and engaging so she makes the process of dog training fun and easy to follow.”

Loretta Franzi, Sacramento, CA

“Pam came to our home to begin training our new puppy and also work with a couple of issues with our 4 year old labrador.  She gave us the option of 3x a week training for a set price or lessons as we needed them.  Since we have had several dogs, she felt that we would be able to train the puppy ourselves with assistance  from her.  She did not pressure us to purchase the more expense package training. She gave me advice on how to work with the puppy in a kind and non-threatening manner.  She is kind and patient and very informative about issues with dogs.  You can always email her with questions or concerns.”

Glenda Morris, Fair Oaks, CA

“She tailored the training to my dogs needs and provided one-on-one time with me and the dog. Pam also trained me how to interact with my dog. Pam followed up via email with training collaterals to remind me what we did during training. The training went well. I am still using the information Pam provided me. I will use Pam again for a following session.”

Mark Binneboese, Sacramento, CA

“I tried the very simple techniques you advised and they worked immediately. Betty successfully enjoyed our chihuahua house guest for three days without incident or disruption in the house. Thank you!”

Patti Seastrom, Sacramento, CA 

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